OUTRAGE AT 8 A.M. Or, BCA’s got some explaining to do

So, in case you haven’t deduced this from the anguished screams coming from all corners of campus around 8 this morning or the tear-stained faces in your 9 a.m., BCA’s whole “yeah, of course our servers can totally handle upwards of 3,000 college students hungry for some Snoop” thing apparently didn’t pan out so well.

Fortunately (???) for us, the interwebz documented the whole sad saga. After the jump, schdenfreude for those of you who were lucky enough to get tickets; comiseration for those who weren’t.

Stage 1: mild frustation — amusement, even!

Stage 2: Mounting irritation.

Stage 3: Choose your own adventure. For the lucky few, elation.

And for everybody else:, anger and/or threats of violence.

And finally, Stage 4: resignation.

Feel free to let it all out / start scalping in the comments!


  1. Kelly

    I see you, spanish-language facebook. And these things don’t happen at Harvard because the demand for fun is much lower there.

  2. problem

    Brown tickets went on sale at the same time as RISD tickets. There are RISD freshmen who got tickets and Brown seniors who did not. Whose Spring Weekend is this again?

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