Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: March 25, 2010

Rhode Island placed among states whose fourth graders improved on the reading section of a national standardized test. While the test scores show gains, gaps between students of different socioeconomic backgrounds are a cause for concern for Rhode Island school administrators.

Daniel S. Harrop III, a Republican who challenged Mayor Cicilline in 2006, has thrown his hat in the ring in the race to become the next mayor of Providence. Harrop’s announcement marks the entry of the only Republican in the contest, which before consisted of four Democrats. When Harrop ran in 2006, he earned 16.5% of the vote while Cicilline got 83.5%.

Legislators in Rhode Island’s General Assembly are debating a plan to tax non-profits in order to solve the state’s financial woes. About 6,600 organizations–presumably including Brown–could be taxed if the measure is enacted.

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