Mixed reactions to Brunonian sex ed

Sofia Castello / Herald

Marshall Miller ’96 and Dorian Solot ’95, who presented on female orgasms this March to several hundred Brown students, are on their way down south to Tennessee, and to some very mixed reactions!

“We have a tendency here on campus to be very structured in what we say and what we don’t,” Carol Oglesby, coordinator of student civic engagement and physical health education said. “These folks from Brown University speak the way the students do and they talk about everything from the female orgasm to a male erection, to how you entertain your significant other sexually. And these are things we haven’t ever been able to talk about on this campus.”

On the other hand:

Chris Cahill, a Memphis junior, said he has heard about the program, but is a little uncertain about it.

“I’m convinced that the whole presentation is a lie, just like Bigfoot and the 19th Amendment.” Cahill said. “I’m just going to have to see it for myself.”

Cahill said in some instances it is better for students to figure things out for themselves instead of attending sex education programs.

“Students in the wild are in their prime, and think much more openly about sex with their friends,” Cahill said.


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    Good luck in my home state, y’all.

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