Recipe for love: Ratty brunch

From the New York Times:

ON a spring morning in 2002, Michael Kerry Matthews, a history major and an aspiring filmmaker, watched as a beautiful young woman walked across a cafeteria at Brown University and put two pieces of bread in the toaster on her way to the omelet line. Mr. Matthews felt an overwhelmingly urgency to act.

“They rarely had this kind of good sourdough bread,” he said. “There wasn’t any left. So I guess I kind of took her toast.”

The woman was Sarah Staveley-O’Carroll, a junior history student. She had spotted Mr. Matthews, a freshman, who was “so cute.” But, handsome or not, he was a toast thief. …

This recipe begins with Sarah Staveley-O’Carroll ’03, Michael Matthews ’05, and a slice of sourdough bread from the Ratty.

Add a dash of old-school tactics, including “crashing parties that one knew the other was attending, signing up for a class or switching into a study section that one heard the other was in.”

Mix in one Hardball host, a stint in Rwanda, an aggressive mountain gorilla, and one French Huguenot minister and you get a classic NYT Vows piece.

Can we all say just say “aww”?

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