The internet: making collegegawking easier than ever!!

For those of you who haven’t yet spent a too-late night whiling away the wee hours sitting in the Mezz obsessively gorging yourself on College Confidential — where overanxious high-schoolers chronicle every step in their college admissions processes and compulsively calculate their odds at various schools —  you’re missing out on some of the most shamefully shadenfreude-tastic fun the internet can offer. It’s disgusting and carnal and self-indulgent and elitist and terrible, but all of these freakouts, when viewed from this side of the college admissions process are…so. Utterly. Addictive.

Anyway, timesuckers like College Confidential go into overdrive around this time of year, and now joining the mix is the NYT’s very own cesspool of elitism blog about college admissions, “The Choice,” which appears to have attracted every smug Harvard admit on the face of the planet in its acceptance/rejection open thread. But amid the blog’s 200-plus acceptance horn-tootings and declaration of thin-envelope misery are many Brown shout-outs, including heartwarmers like this one, from “sfghdoc,” a class of ’00 alum:

My education and time at Brown where incredible….I am heading back for my ten year reunion with a group of friends who still keep in touch. I am incredibly honored to have received the opportunity to go to Brown. The educational experience and social capital gained from attending an institution of that caliber really is beyond compare….congrats to everyone who received what they were hoping for this college application season. good luck as you start school and remember to have a lot of fun while you’re in school wherever you go. If it happens to be Brown, you’re very lucky and have made a great choice.

Aww. We love you too, sfghdoc.

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