The Word From Washington-Extra Large Spring Break Edition

Spring Break may be over for Brunonians, but lawmakers are gonna go ahead and take another week off.

Healthcare continues to make news with Congress out of session, and Gallup polling shows young people as one of the subgroups most likely to support the new law. Providence Mayor/congressional candidate David Cicilline is also a fan.

Attached to the healthcare bill was legislation that will remodel the federal student loan program, which President Obama touted as a victory for the education system.

Campaign season is heating up, and both Mayor Cicilline and Bill Lynch, the former chairman of the state Democratic Party, are filling key staff positions. The two are vying for the Democratic Party nomination to run for Patrick Kennedy’s open seat. The first fundraising quarter of the year saw Lynch bring in well over $100,000 and loan his campaign another $100,000.

In the Governor’s race, recent polling shows Independent candidate Lincoln Chaffee doing well, although his fundraising numbers are lagging behind both Democrats in the race. The only gubernatorial election the White House seems interested in at this point, however, is across the border in Massachusetts.

Finally, Senator Jack Reed successfully lobbied the IRS to extend the income tax filing deadline for Rhode Islanders in the wake of disruptive flooding.

— Dan Davidson

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