Mangos With Chili

Location: Rites and Reason Theatre, 155 Angell St.

Mangos With Chili is a Bay Area based performing arts company committed to showcasing high quality performance of life saving importance by queer and trans artists of color to audiences in the Bay Area and beyond. Founded in 2006 by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha and Ms Cherry Galette, Mangos With Chili features a revolving cast of QTPOC artists and has performed to sold out houses across North America, wowing audiences in world class theaters, underground performance spaces, bars and campus halls, with their high intensity, breathtaking performance, politics and storytelling craft, reflecting the lives and stories of queer and trans people of color, while making art that speaks out in resistance to the daily struggles around silence, isolation, homophobia and violence that QTPOC face.

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