Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: April 7, 2010

Attorney General Patrick C. Lynch, who has previously objected to expunging court records of people who plead guilty and receive lighter sentences, is now backing a bill that would remove from the public record cases where the defendant pleads no contest, receives a deferred sentence, and keeps their nose clean for five years. This change in opinion is the result of the Rhode Island Supreme Court’s decision to stop expunging case records even for less serious crimes.

The Navy has rejected the Narragansett Indian Tribe’s bid for 260 acres on Aquidneck Island, which the Narragansetts wanted to acquire for free instead of at the fair-market value the Navy is seeking.

Wheeler School Junior Seth Neel, who also happens to be studying advanced algebra at Brown, beat seven other Rhode Island kids in the American Mathematical Society competition and took home the grand prize of $3,000. He said he’ll either spend the money on summer math camp or give it to his parents.

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