The Word From Washington

Could Senator Sheldon Whitehouse be the next Supreme Court Justice? The Washington Post thinks there’s an outside chance.

Congress finally gets back to work this week, and a financial regulation bill will be at the top of the agenda. Senator Jack Reed, who sits on the Senate Banking Committee, is looking to include language in the final bill that would expose hedge funds to greater regulatory scrutiny.

Remember when you started chewing tobacco during Little League games after seeing all your baseball heroes dip on TV? Representative Frank Pallone (D-NJ) does, and his Twitter indicates he’s looking into the issue.

Providence Mayor David Cicilline raked in a ridiculous $725,000 in the first quarter of fundraising for his campaign to be the First District’s next Representative. As Politico notes, that’s enough money to make a candidate “viable in smaller-scale Senate elections, let alone House races in relatively secure districts.

— Dan Davidson

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