This just in: students pay $50,000 a year to forget high school civics

Who is the commander in chief of the US military?  If you can answer that question, you’re doing a lot better than your fellow Brunonians, according to a recently published report by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute.

The study was conducted over the course of 5 years and tested 14,000 college students’ civic literacy.  Results showed that more than half of the incoming freshmen among the schools tested failed a basic 60-question multiple choice exam that assessed their knowledge of America’s history and political institutions.

Even worse, Brown was cited as being among the bottom 10 schools in freshman-to-senior knowledge retention.  On average, Brown seniors scored 2.7% worse on the test than freshmen did, the fourth worst decrease in the country (behind Yale, Cornell, and Johns Hopkins for the coveted worst-of-the-worst title).

A shortened version of the test can be accessed on the ISI’s website.  How well did you score?  Tell us below!


  1. jpb

    These sorta things are almost always totally inaccurate and purposely manipulated for the cause of this particular conservative group. I remember taking this freshman year and they were handing us surveys that were longer than the current one outside of the Ratty. By the time we finished dinner 45mins later they were gone– so they pretty much didn’t collected back any of their surveys.

  2. lame sauce

    Holy shit that organization’s website reads like a Hitlerjugend rally.

  3. Lily

    If Brown students scored 2.7% lower on a 60 question test, that means they got 1.62 fewer questions right. This is surely within the margin of error, and doesn’t mean that Brown students are \forgetting\ anything.

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