Uncle Sam’s a-callin’

The US Census Bureau wants you to turn in your forms!  As the organization’s motto goes, “We can’t move forward until you bring sexy back mail it back.”  Questionnaires can be found crammed in all undergraduate mailboxes.  As an added bonus, if you turn in your copy at the receptacles in J. Walter Wilson, you can get a nifty Mr. Census-2010 (and you thought that Miss Providence County had a nice smile).

Make sure you fulfill your legal obligation by turning it in by April 16th; after all, you don’t want to end up spending your weekend with this crowd.


  1. mr. census

    bahaha such a good article, especially the scroll-overs and links 🙂

  2. !!!!

    thanks for this information! i’m going to hand in my census information today even though it may be fun to hang out with lady gaga and beyoncé. 🙂 fabulous article!

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