Free, Free Fallin’

Forbes Magazine has placed Providence tenth on a list of U.S. cities in free fall.

The magazine looked at 40 metropolitan areas in the country and judged them based on six categories: percent median home price has fallen, new home construction, net population change, per capita gross domestic product, percent change in unemployment between July 2006 and 2009 and number of jobs added between February 2007 and 2010.

Providence, which Forbes called “picturesque” (have they seen the Sci Li?), is the only city in New England on the list. It is also the only city on the list to see a negative population change. Props to us for sticking it out.

Even though we may want to be included on some list following Brown’s hipster-related snub earlier this week, we probably shouldn’t be too proud to have made this one, although it’s probably the only time Providence will be mentioned in the same breath as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Miami (except perhaps in response to the question, “So now that you’ve graduated and can finally move away from Providence, where to?”).

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