Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: April 18, 2010

No one knows if Adam Emery–who vanished with his wife on the day of his murder conviction for stabbing a man through the heart–is still alive. After Adam Emery’s 1993 conviction, the car belonging to him and his wife was found on a bridge over the Narragansett Bay. Though his wife’s skull was later found in the bay, no trace of the convicted murderer ever surfaced.

Another reason to check out this Rhode Island murder mystery–the article is written by Brown’s very own visiting professor in English, Tracy Breton.

Rhode Island’s public pension system will likely cause a much bigger dent in the state’s budget than had been previously thought, according to a report that came out last week. A projection of an added $63 million in pension costs comes as government officials had already expected that $218 million in taxpayer dollars would be needed next year to maintain the $7 billion fund.

The Providence City Council voted for a non-binding moratorium on school closures pending announcements from the School Department on how the school buildings would be used post-closure. The department recently decided to close two schools: Perry Middle School and Feinstein High School.

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