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Rising seniors will preregister for fall courses on 4/20, a scheduling conflict which has the potential to lead to some … well-founded decision making.

Though some juniors may surprise themselves with the courses that wander into their snazzy new shopping carts, the Registrar may also be confused by the unusual enrollment numbers some unexpected classes may receive. Because honestly, why take that final concentration requirement when tropical delights and intelligent robots are on the table?

If you were planning to register for these courses for legitimate academic reasons, have those CRNs already copy-and-pasted because in honor of one of Brown’s favorite holidays, these classes are going to go like the Dorito’s shelf at Jo’s.

AWAS1600: “Astronomy Before the Telescope”

CLAS1120G: “The Idea of Self”

COLT1430T: “Latin American Death Trip”

CSCI1480: “Building Intelligent Robots”

EAST1880C: “Zen Meditation in China, Korea, and Japan”

ENGN1610: “Image Understanding”

GEOL0050: “Mars, Moon, and the Earth”

GRMN2320C: “Enlightened Laughter”

HMAN2970B: “And What About the Human?”

PHYS1250: “Stellar Structure and the Interstate Stellar Medium”

POBS0970: “Tropical Delights”

RELS0030: “The Apocalyptic Imagination”

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