Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: April 20, 2010

Social Security offices around the country are experiencing record waits and delays as baby boomers hit retirement and look for relief in a trying economy.  About 20% of Rhode Island’s population collects Social Security, a figure that is expected to rise if jobs numbers in the state remain stagnant.

Frank Caprio, a Democratic candidate for governor, announced a plan that would fundamentally alter the current pension system for state employees, which now affords lifetime benefits to 20,000 retired workers and thousands of others.  Caprio wants to switch state employees to a fixed pension plan modeled on the one used for federal workers.  Benefits to state workers are expected to decrease under the proposed system.

The Ocean State Ice Theatre team, composed of 25 ice skaters, can no longer compete in a championship in France due to the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland.  The Pawtucket team’s flights were cancelled for safety reasons, forcing the skaters to drop out of the contest on Monday.

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