Waiting for the promised land

Many eager Brunonians have been waiting in line for Spring Weekend tickets for hours after the announcement was made earlier today that the concerts will be held on the Main Green. As of 4:30pm, the line circled an entire square block.

According to BCA staff member, Emma Ramadan ’13, all 1,500 extra tickets could go today. Students in line can hold a maximum of three students IDs and purchase one ticket per concert per ID, she said.

Though many students were complaining about others cutting in line, DPS said that they and BCA were not responsible for crowd control, said Ramadan. DPS told BCA that “our business is in this box” and that BCA could do nothing about “cutting in line” said Ramadan.

Chantel Taylor ’10, who has been waiting in line since 3:30pm, said that if she does not get tickets because of people cutting she line, then she is “going to get feisty.”

Devin Wilmot ’10, the first person in line, has been waiting since 12:15pm. When asked about his dedication to the cause, Wilmot said, “I’m used to being number one so it was just another conquest.” He was going to “rub it in the 1,501st person’s face,” he joked.

Other students in line took a more contemplative approach. Mark Brown ‘9.5 said, “It’s been great. I’ve had a lot of meditative moments, a lot of soul searching.”

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