An Earth Day special: Meatless Mondays

After sampling Tuesday’s poor excuse for fusion cuisine (need you be reminded of los tacos del refectorio Sharpe?), this die-hard omnivore wondered: perhaps it’s time for a change of pace at BUDS?  After CFF at the V-Dub and eating seven of these over the weekend, it’s appropriate to wonder: do any of us really need meat when we trudge back to the Ratty for the first lunch of the week?

Call it blasphemy, but perhaps it’s time to take a leaf out of Yale’s book.  No, we don’t mean that Brown students should make a nauseatingly campy admissions video.  “Meatless Mondays” is a new initiative pioneered by the Yale Student Environment Coalition to raise student consciousness about eating sustainably and reducing the university’s carbon footprint.  If, like Yale Dining, BUDS committed to make its Mondays meatless (or Tuesdays, or Wednesdays, or Thursdays), maybe Brown students could learn a thing or two about living without being hooked up to an IV of meat.

Now, this blogger enjoys la charcuterie alsacienne just as much as the next person.  But when it’s a choice between brackish chana masala and rock-hard pork chops, why not give old Mother Nature a hand?

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