Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: April 22, 2010

Many state lawmakers have a stake in the pension reform that will likely come to a vote in the General Assembly.  The state legislature must decide whether to trim spending on plans to government employees that add up to over $334.1 million this year.  55 out of 113 legislators have a public pension, yet only one, Rep. Peter Kilmartin, chose to withdraw from the debate due to a conflict of interest.

James McBride, AKA Mr. Deep Positivity, teaches high school students at the Gordon School how to write positive rap music in a class called Nonviolent Verses.  McBride’s high school rappers now have another reason to be positive–they’re going to Washington D.C. to perform at the Climate Rally this weekend.  Check out the Projo video for a rendition of the group’s signature song, “Save the World.”

A man who was canoeing off the coast of Cape Cod drowned Wednesday morning when the canoe was overturned by “one or more whales.”  The authorities suspect that pilot whales or dolphins were responsible for the capsized canoe.

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