Spring Weekend on a budget

Get the bang for your buck and booze in BDS style. Keep it casual and classy, fill a water bottle with your favorite cheap vodka and head over to the Ratty for springtime delights, where all of these ingredients can be found.

  • The Cape Codder – equal parts cranberry juice and vodka
  • Lemon Drop – equal parts vodka and lemon juice (get resourceful with the lemon wedges), a spoonful of sugar; alternatively, mix vodka and lemonade
  • The Salty Dog – one part vodka, three parts grapefruit juice, salted rim (called a Greyhound without the salt)
  • Screwdriver – one part vodka, two parts orange juice
  • Sea Breeze – one part vodka, one part grapefruit juice, three parts cranberry juice
  • Tea Tini

Stay tuned for more as the weekend wears on.

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