Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: April 23, 2010

As if the flooding we had several weeks ago wasn’t bad enough, downtown Providence turned into a swimming pool during yesterday’s thunderstorm that led to the cancellation of the SPEC Carnival’s rides and games. Quite frankly, the pictures don’t do it justice — this video gives you a better idea.

A state-licensed marijuana grower, who uses the pot to soothe his hypertension, is facing charges after he shot and killed an intruder in his department. But Matthew Salvato is not in trouble because of the shooting — the police say he acted in self-defense — but because the attorney general’s office thinks the legality of his marijuana-growing is questionable. Though nobody is releasing how many plants Salvato had, Salvato’s lawyer says the man had more marijuana plants than normal because he is also a licensed caregiver on top of being a licensed patient.

Apparently the North Atlantic right whales know it’s Spring Weekend; over 100 of them were spotted in Block Island Sound on Wednesday and Thursday, which is about one third of the North Atlantic right whale’s population. Guess they’re MGMT fans, too!

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