Cup o’ (Pro)Jo; April 28, 2010

Immigrant activists in Rhode Island are calling for a boycott of Arizona in the wake of the state’s new law that would allow police to detain anyone they suspected of being an illegal immigrant. These Rhode Island activists are planning protests on May 1, International Workers’ Day, against the law “so that it doesn’t become law in Rhode Island,” Committee of Immigrants in Action Head Juan Garcia said.

The Warwick City Council unanimously passed an ordinance Monday that would require all pit bulls and related breeds in the city to be spayed or neutered unless they are owned by licensed breeders. The proposal still needs to go through second passage, but although the American Kennel Club has spoken out against any measure that targets specific breeds, the director of the Warwick Animal Shelter supports the proposal because she hopes it will lead to fewer abandoned pit bulls. Other cities in the state, like Pawtucket and Central Falls, have banned pit bulls altogether.

A poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports shows Rhode Island gubernatorial candidates Lincoln Chafee and Frank Caprio as “dead even” in the race. Each has the support of 33 percent of likely voters. Chafee’s numbers have dropped; a month ago, he led Caprio by 11 points.

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