Behind the Headline: Why is today’s paper so fat?

Wondering why today’s paper weighs you down like a ton of bricks? (And no, not just because the content is so solid…)

We normally deliver you 8 to 12 pages of Herald goodness, but this day is different than all other days: it is the last day. With the end of classes comes the end of publication, and so today’s issue was, well, a fire sale.

And so we bring you 24 pages (plus post- magazine) of all the news that’s fit to print. Or rather, let’s just leave it at ‘all the news.’

Dear reader, it has been real. Though so many of you have transitioned to the online world (and look! So have we!), there’s just something about that darn print edition that we can’t get over. And we’re glad you still like it too.

We’ll see you in September, but don’t you worry — the blog ain’t going anywhere. Keep us as your home page; we promise to update you, entertain you, waste your time, make your time worthwhile and tell you everything you never knew you wanted to know…


  1. Anne Simons

    OMG, when I saw “fire sale,” I was praying it would be a link to that clip.

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