The scoop on Snoop’s jersey

Okay folks, it’s the moment you’ve been waiting for: the dirt on how and why Snoop Dogg showed up onstage in a Brown Hockey jersey at Saturday’s Spring Weekend show. Apparently, someone — either Athletics or Snoop’s people — decided it’d be cute if the Doggfather showed his Brown pride by wearing a jersey. He was originally going to have a jersey that had a number 1 and “Snoop Dogg” sewn on the back of it.  But because he’s 6’6″, he couldn’t fit into the jersey that they made for him. As our well-connected tipster tells it,

The jersey was a size 58 — in other words, 4XL. It was a goalie jersey — in other words, it’s designed to be worn with a ton of pads and such underneath! He was originally given a size 54 (3XL), but his people involved with getting the jersey said it was too small. Baggy is still very much in for Snoop I guess — it somehow still worked didn’t it?

Indeed it did. And moreover,

It’s worth noting that the men’s hockey is one of the few Brown jerseys without any red in it. You’d think as a guy that’s so heavily involved in youth football, he’d want to wear a football jersey. I wouldn’t be surprised if he asked for a jersey to wear, but specified that it not have any red in it — he is a crip after all, and I think he still doesn’t wear any red for that reason.


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