What to do tonight: 4/29

VISIONS release party

8 p.m. Salomon 101

This celebration of another successful issue of “VISIONS,” Brown’s Asian and Asian American literary and visual art magazine, will include musical entertainment from Harmonic Motion and Archipelag-a, poetry readings by contributers and free food from Thayer Street eateries.

Take Back the Night

9 p.m. march outside Faunce, 10 p.m. speak-out Smith-Bunano 106

Today’s “Take Back the Night” events are part of an international movement to spread awareness of sexual violence and protest its disturbing prevalence and large-scale invisibility. The issue of sexual assault, though a solemn one, is all too relevant to college students and others across demographics. A march around campus will take place, followed by a discussion including those who want to share their stories, as well as those who want to listen to others and gain a fuller understanding of their experiences.

Can Mindful Consumerism reverse the Ecological Meltdown?

8 p.m. MacMillan 117, free w/ Brown or RISD ID

Internationally recognized psychologist Daniel Goleman, author of “Emotional Intelligence,” just may have the answer to this profound question about consumerism and the environment. Goleman also will sign copies of his recently published book, “Ecological Intelligence: How Knowing the Hidden Impacts of What We Buy Can Change Everything.”

Or spend some time doing something else to improve the environment — it’s the least you can do in honor of Japanese Greenery Day. The Spring “Weekend wars” may be over, my friends, but this is a cause any tree-hugging hippy will find worth fighting for (please excuse my compulsions to pun).

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