Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: April 30, 2010

Rhode Island’s own Deborah Gist — the state’s education commissioner — was named as one of Time’s top 100 most influential people of the year. Listed as one of the “Thinkers,” Gist was named because of how she has been handling the fallout of the Central Falls High School firings.

The state’s Republican party welcomed the Log Cabin Republicans, a group consisting of gay and lesbian conservatives, as a new caucus on Wednesday. Though Republican candidate for governor John Robitaille, who spoke at the event, has opposed same-sex marriage laws in the past, he said he welcomed the group to the GOP and expressed an interest in making civil unions available.

A Providence businessman is hoping that the city and state will, in the midst of its highway relocation project that is shaking up the Jewelry District, consider establishing a museum that would pay tribute to the neighborhood’s history as an industrial center. But neither the city nor the state are considering something of the sort at the moment, officials say.

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  1. Kelly

    Also, Patrick Kennedy made the TIME “least influential 100” list:,28804,1984685_1985389_1985284-5,00.html

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