What to do tonight: 4/30

Brown Stand Up Comics Present: THE END Show

9:00 p.m. MacMillan 117, free

If you have not yet caught this year’s stand-up comics in performance, this is your last chance to hear routines from graduating seniors and a surprise professional guest comedian. Comedy shows are always fun, but especially so when you can relate to what the comedians are burning and satirizing.

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7:00 p.m. George Houston Bass Performing Arts Space, Churchill House

The Department of Africana Studies’ Rites and Reason Theatre presents a story of news, the media, sexual assault and power, written by Kathleen Braine ’11 and directed by Adjunct Lecturer in Theatre Arts and Performance Studies Connie Crawford. The play will show again tomorrow at the same time and 3 p.m. Sunday.

Brown University Orchestra concert

8 p.m. Sayles Hall, $2 w/ Brown or RISD ID

According to some ancient Mayan mythology, we are living in the fifth world. Five is also the fifth Fibonacci number. In addition, it is the number of many famous symphonies, which has served as inspiration for this year’s orchestra selections. The orchestra’s final performance will feature Debussy’s “Iberia,” Rachmaninoff’s “Piano Concerto No. 1” and the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Beethoven’s “Fifth Symphony.”

And for the sake of May Day, remember to say “rabbit rabbit” at midnight. Yeah, it’s a superstition, but I wouldn’t take any chances.

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