Morning Mail Fail: Climate control edition

Isn’t the general purpose of Morning Mail to provide news and tell students things they wouldn’t otherwise know?

If so, then what was up with this little gem from today’s Morning Mail?

Subject: Changeover From Heating to Air Conditioning 2010

Spring is upon us.  It is that time of year in New England when we can expect a wide range of outdoor temperatures.  Normally we will see a steady increase in temperatures; and as soon as we are sure that spring and summer have arrived, a cold spell will hit, which will again require us to provide heat to the buildings.

Um, duh. Spring generally comes by May, even in New England. After yesterday’s ridiculous humidity on top of somewhat high temperatures, students could think it would stay warm forever. But a quick look at the 10 day forecast for Providence will show a predicted low of 44 on Sunday. Uh oh, might need some heating again.

They definitely don’t sound up to the challenge of regulating temperatures inside University buildings.

Darn these unpredictable weather patterns!

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  1. Alex Bell

    I think the problem was they only put the intro paragraph for the message in Morning Mail. I clicked the jump in Morning Mail for the full message, and it makes a lot more sense…

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