Jay Leno Headlines makes fun of BDH

Jay Leno’s Monday night segment ‘Headlines’ made fun of a BDH headline reading: “Neurosurgery department gets new head.”

Find it in the clip around 0:23 and continue watching for some study-break laughs.


  1. Anne Simons

    How dare he!

    Team Coco!

  2. anon

    Problem is, that wasn’t the real headline! It was actually “Chair,” not “Head.”
    And here I was thinking Jay didn’t manipulate these headlines all this time.

  3. Nope

    The original headline in the paper was the one that Leno presented in the clip. It was changed on the BDH website

  4. Wise Owl

    Kudos to the Herald for being able to laugh at itself and share this clip! Did Leno actually mention the BDH by name? or Brown?

  5. tom '82

    … I thought the neurosurgery dept. had in fact gotten a ‘new ass’ … ?

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