What to do tonight: 5/8

First and foremost, go see “Babies” again. It’s so worth it.

“Glee” feat. Ursa Minors and Jabberwocks
8:00 P.M., Sayles Hall

Bear Necessities Arch Sing
11:P.M., Wayland Arch

There is SO MUCH a cappella happening this weekend coming week, it’s fairly ridiculous. I am personally intrigued by the Glee-themed concert in Sayles Hall tonight, but Sue Sylvester had better be there or I’m gonna be a little disappointed.

6:35 – 8:30 P.M.
List 120
Free Kabob and Curry if you get there at the start!! And then, after the face-stuffing portion of the evening, a dancer from New Delhi — Nehha Bhatnagar— will be there to perform a classical dance and talk about cultural diplomacy.

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