Brother, can you spare a meal cred?

Let’s face it: working meal plan can be like playing Russian Roulette. Either you dropped plan sizes and are wondering how the hell you’re going to make it through finals, or you overestimated and have enough meal credits to feed not just your unit, but all of Keeney.

A student designed solution has emerged in the form of a Facebook group already exceeding 100 members.

Here’s how it works:

1.People with too many meal credits, post:
a) The time that you normally eat dinner
b) Whether you prefer The Gate or Josiah’s
(If you have guest credits, you can also put the Ratty or V-Dub)
c) Something you enjoy talking about.

2.People with not enough meal credits, look at the posts and send people messages with your availability (according to the times and places already posted), and you favorite word.

3.Enjoy the food and community!

The description is quick to note that this is not a dating website, but we all know that the route to one’s heart is through the stomach. And when the final’s blues hit, that road is paved with Ivy Room falafel and late night munchies at Jo’s.

Share the love and share the meal credits. It’s the power of Dining Services at work.

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