Brown apparently does NOT run on Dunkin’


In honor of today, this intrepid blogger made the voyage to not one, but two, local Dunkin’ Donuts, only to learn that (a) the event is something stores must opt into and (b) Providence has selected to hold their special day later in May. But here’s the catch: it’s not even “free” iced coffee day when PVD celebrates; now it’s 50 cent day. (No, not that fiddy cent.)

If you’re willing to drive to Massachusetts, New York or Philadelphia, you can get your free fix there today — local franchises are all respecting the holiness that is Free Iced Coffee Day. Otherwise, we’ll see you in the Blue Room.


Today is the greatest day of the year. Many make that claim, but there is nothing that can compete with the legendary nature of Dunkin Donuts’ Free Iced Coffee Day.

For those who ever frequented the Thayer Street franchise, today is the day when its absence is most painful.

Understanding that free coffee is worth great leaps and bounds, here is what the general Providence area can offer you:

1. 141 Westminster Street
2. 78 Dorrance Street
3. 133 Gano Street
4. 81 Washington Street
5. Providence Place Mall

Go ahead Brown, have no shame. Drink it all in.

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