Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: May 11, 2010

Good news for Rhode Island’s budget deficit and those concerned about the state’s big-spending ways–budget officials announced Monday night that the state government’s shortfalls are smaller than previously thought. The announcement means that public employees, schools and local communities may be spared some painful cuts that were intended to fill in a projected $220 million deficit.

State Representative David Segal, D-Providence, confirmed his intention to run for Rep. Patrick Kennedy’s House seat Monday night, joining a Democratic primary line-up that already includes Mayor David Cicilline ’83 and former chairman of the Rhode Island Democratic Party, William Lynch.  Segal currently has two significant pieces of legislation pending at the State House.  The first is a bill advocating the withdrawal of Rhode Island National Guard troops from Iraq, and the second would add crimes against the homeless to the state’s hate crimes roster.

State Attorney General Patrick Lynch ’87, a Democratic candidate for governor, refused a request from Gov. Carcieri ’65 to take legal action against federal health-care reform legislation. Lynch vowed that he will not join the 20 other top state attorneys who are bringing suit against the federal government, calling attempts to do so “a political stunt.”

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