Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: May 18, 2010

The Central Falls Teachers Union approved a measure that would save the jobs of every “teacher, librarian and guidance counselor” at the school. The accord is an initial step in enacting the reforms favored by state education officials to improve test scores and graduation rates. Both federal and state administrators heralded the agreement as a step forward for school reform.

As punishment for a walkout last Thursday, Hope High School students will be forced to attend a 2 hour detention on Friday where administrators will make their case for the new six-period schedule that the students oppose. The students will also be prohibited from participating in the school’s June 16 field day and will have to perform community service on that day.

Rhode Island’s Department of Health has received 15 applications to open what would be the state’s first compassion center, a store that provides marijuana to medical-marijuana patients. The state will likely approve up to three of the proposals and a public hearing on the applications is scheduled for June 21.

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