Bummin’ around on the internet: Brown style

Hello, (possibly) devoted readers! Hope everyone’s having a lovely summer. We know our posting record’s been a little spotty so far, but we’re coming back strong in the run-up to the beginning of the school year.

We hope continuing with our usual brand of blogging will not seem insensitive in the wake of this terrible loss. But (blog-)life must go on.

So let’s kick this off with some neat/funny/odd stuff you might have seen about Brown on the internet, if you’d bothered to look. Follow the jump!

The Facebook fan page for the Stephen Robert ’62 Campus Center at Faunce House has kept its followers updated on the goings-on of the renovation process with an insane number of photos. They’ve also added some old historical pictures. It’s well worth a look. The renovated Faunce House is set to open this August, according to the project’s website –happy news for those returning in the fall.

Much to the disappointment of students hoping he’d fall in love with one of them during an alum event on campus, John Krasinski ’02 married actress Emily Blunt this month near Lake Como, Italy. Guess we’ll have to give up on that dream…

But Krasinski and Blunt better watch out if any of their friends are going through a divorce. A team of researchers, including one from Brown, have found that a couple’s chances of getting divorced increase 75% if they watch another couple going through the process, The Guardian reported. The phenomenon is called “divorce clustering” – another contagion we have to watch out for!

The divorce contagion can’t be any worse than whatever floated out of a 1600 year old Mayan tomb, discovered by a team led by Brown archaeologist Stephen Houston. The tomb contains a lot of gold and bowls of finger bones – something for every taste! And because the tomb had been so well sealed, Houston was met with a “smell of putrification and a chill that went to my bones,” he said in a statement quoted in the USA Today. We don’t want any of that. Well, maybe some gold.

In more bland news, the University of Edinburgh awarded former Brown President Vartan Gregorian an honorary doctorate for his contributions to the “academic, literary and charitable worlds.” Congrats to the official namesake of New Dorm!


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