Aaaaaaaah! Hurricane!

Hurricane Earl churning in the Atlantic (It's the big one, center left) (courtesy of: NASA GOES Project)

UPDATE 12:37 PM: Rhode Island has just been upgraded to a tropical storm warning. Take cover!!

Hurricane Earl is blowing, sweeping, barreling, whatever overdramatic action verb you prefer, this way. Panic!!

No, not really. No one really seems sure what we should be doing.

The University sent an email this morning to the student body saying they’ve been closely monitoring the situation (that’s reassuring) and giving advice for how to handle it – like closing windows (do they realize how hot it is??) and avoiding the beach during the storm (duh).

The National Weather Service has issued a tropical storm watch for the state. No reason to get concerned until that’s bumped up to a warning. It doesn’t even look like the hurricane is really going to make landfall. And though it’s a Category 4 right now, it is expected to weaken significantly as it heads north. So it’ll be rainy and windy. Oh, that’s unusual for Providence.

If for some reason the storm “wiggles” (Carcieri’s word, not ours) toward the coast, things could get uglier. If you find yourself succumbing to fear, read this opinion from the Christian Science Monitor, which draws on the experiences of Puritan settlers to encourage bravery in the face of adversity. Wow.

This blogger, for one, is mildly (make that really) excited about Earl simply because it’s going to bring the temperatures out of the 90s and perhaps even as low as the 70s. Now that’s something to celebrate.

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