Frozen Treats Galore

Absurdly hot pre-Labor Day weather got you down? Feel the need to sip on some coolingly delicious iced-coffee, but don’t have time to wait in line at the Blue Room? Even though this balmy weather won’t last long, two small business have stopped their wheels right on Brown campus to offer frozen delights that hit the over-heated spot.

The first is no stranger to Brown. Any of the few times Providence hits above 75 degree weather, New England Frozen Lemonade is sure to have a cart or van around the Main Green. Offering either frozen lemonade or watermelon slushies in various sizes, this treat is perfect on the way to a class in any of Brown’s various un-air conditioned buildings.

After having lunch on the Main Green (if you dare sit outside for an extended period of time), head up Thayer to pick up a refreshingly vegan soft serve at Like No Udder vegan treat truck. Also serving vegan milkshakes, candy bars, frozen lemonade, and drinks, this food truck is the only vegan soft serve truck in the world!

So enjoy these treats before the New England winter sets in. By then, you’ll be complaining about the weather for a whole different reason.

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