The new Faunce and Blue Room are everything we dreamed of and more

The new and improved Faunce is kind of obsess-worthy. The building looks really beautiful and there’s a great amount of comfortable space to do anything from studying to hanging out. The best part of the new Faunce though probably has to be the new Blue Room and all of it’s features.

The Blue Room now stays open until 9 pm, and you can use meal credits after 4 pm. For dinner, there’s sushi from Shanghai and dishes from Kabob and Curry. Let’s repeat that: you can use meal credits to get restaurant sushi and Indian food. In the morning, there are fresh bagels from Bagel Gourmet, which you can buy as always with points and declining balance. The focaccia sandwiches are delicious, and there’s a yogurt parfait station. The couches are comfortable, as are the booths. Also, it’s air conditioned, which is enough to make the Blue Room a sanctuary in this heat.

Plus, even President Simmons loves it: she was just spotted talking with people and enjoying lunch.

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