Keepin’ it Reel: Taking a Look at the New Cable Car Cinema and Cafe

Local moviegoers are rejoicing this week at the grand re-opening the Cable Car Cinema and Cafe, of one of Providence’s hidden gems and what has been called one of the ten “Coolest Movie Theaters in America.” Just a quick walk down South Main (only 5 minutes from Keeney, ’14ers) puts you at the doorstep of the independent cinema which, after having been closed for the summer, opened its doors again with a brand new redesign on September 1.

Remaining are the generous leather couches that are so accommodating to couples, the throwback popcorn machine, and the friendly atmosphere. New are the elegant swerving counter-top, increased indoor space, and an idiosyncratic scuba mural on the side of the theater area itself, painted by a local artist and RISD grad. As the improved sound system is still undergoing some tweaking, you’ll have to wait until September 11 for the re-inaugural showing. But, if you’ve got a craving for equal parts mocha and music documentary, heading down to the Cable Car next weekend is a great way to get your fix.  

A note on the column: Each week, Keepin’ it Reel’s going to try and wade into the cutthroat world of Wall Street investment banking, children’s beauty pageants, sword-fighting, movie reviews by scoping out which movie each week Brown students might be interested in. Then we’ll be bringing the entirely objective findings back to the BlogDH in the hopes that we can all either save some cash by avoiding the clunkers, or find some hidden gems that are keeping it, well, reel. But to do this, I need your suggestions: let me know in the comments which films you want the scoop on!

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