Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: September 6, 2010

The Rhode Island Resource Recovery Commission is paying RI cities a bonus for increasing their recycling rate this year. Providence earned $75,212 for raising its recycling rate from 10% to 13% in six months. Though Providence is still near the bottom of the list, the RIRRC praised the city’s efforts to confront challenges like a multilingual population and large numbers of apartments and condos.

RI Attorney General Patrick Lynch praised Craigslist for replacing the link to its “adult services” section with a black “censored” bar. Lynch was one of seventeen state attorneys general who petitioned Craigslist to remove the section, which they said encouraged prostitution and human trafficking.

The RI Department of Education will get more time to make a decision about the future of Hope High School. The once-failing school was praised for its 2003 reforms, which included a block schedule and common planning time for teachers, but many of those have been rolled back by RIDE, which deemed them too costly. Students at Hope have been protesting the changes since spring, including staging a walkout. RIDE will rule on the students’ request to restore the teachers’ planning time, which had been cut in half.

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