Happy Labor Day!

We were going to bring you a list of things to do this Labor Day, but the ProJo scooped us.

Sadly, you’ve already missed the chance to “feed the swine and brush the cows” at Coggesshall Farm (that was Saturday), but you still have time to get to the Museum of Work and Culture in Woonsocket, where admission is free today.

After the jump, some Labor Day suggestions of our own.

1. While mail carriers and your professors have today off, most retail workers are working harder than ever today.  Accept the irony, then head downtown to check out the Labor Day sales at the mall or your favorite local stores.

2.  Labor Day is the last day of the year when it’s okay to wear white shoes.  Yes, this includes Keds.  So host a white party: gather to say farewell to your white clothing with festive drinks that won’t stain it when you inevitably spill.  We recommend milk, but use your imagination.

3.  Remember the labor of reading and studying you haven’t done all weekend?  Maybe you should get on that.

4.  Just kidding.  Enjoy the holiday!

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