A brief guide to choosing your classes

Harvard Professor N. Gregory Mankiw — best known at Brown as the author of the ECON0110 textbook —  recently penned a column for the New York Times, outlining the course load he believes each of us need “for the game of life.”

From his vantage point, we should all learn “some economics,” “some statistics,” “some finance” and “some psychology.” So for those of you out there enrolled in ECON0110: “Principles of Economics,” SOC0110 “Introductory Statistics for Social Research” and ECON0710: “Financial Accounting,” you’re doing pretty well for yourself. Sadly for the professor, we don’t really have psychology anymore.

But Mankiw also says to “ignore advice as you see fit.” So although you may have to take him at his word when it comes to your first ECON0110 exam (seriously, read the textbook), the rest is up to you. The game of life has a few more variations than his outline might suggest.

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