Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: September 7, 2010

Police arrested a man guilty of attacking a motorist with an ax today. The police now say that the attack was not a case of road rage, as they had previously suspected, but instead was the consequence of a fight between the attacker, his father, and the victim. A mailman, who witnessed the attack, said that the victim, Joseph Gallagher, began arguing with the father of the attacker, Phillip Gleavy. The next thing the witness saw was Phillip Gleavy on the ground, and Jon Gleavy,  his son, hitting Gallagher over the head with a small ax. Gallagher was able to make it home and call police. Gleavy turned himself in and faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon.

Joel A. Beaulieu, a 29 year old resident of Tiverton, R.I., was arraigned today on a murder and attempted murder charge. Beaulieu stabbed both of his parents after a confrontation Sunday morning, killing his father and seriously wounding his mother. The cause of the stabbing remains unclear. A neighbor called 911 after she heard loud noises and disturbances coming from the Beaulieu home. The two parents were found in critical condition and sent to the hospital, where Beaulieu’s father died from sustained injuries. Beaulieu was arrested a few hours later.

A 7 yr. old wrote a letter to President Obama, asking for help after his family was displaced from their home because of the March floods – and got a reply. The President thanked the Nicholas Bird for his letter and his thoughtfulness. Obama, however, failed to mention either the floods or the federal government’s plans to help the residents of R.I. still affected by the floods. But, Bird’s mother said, Bird felt like the happiest boy after receiving presidential g the package. The package the President sent Bird included autographed pictures of Obama, his family, and their dog.

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