Frosh-cessities: Conveyance

The Black Under Armour Aero-Locker Sackpack

Reslife tells us that a backpack/bookbag is “probably the most useful thing [we’ll] own” as students at Brown. I, however, will agree to disagree with that statement. Backpacks are very good at their one purpose: holding things. But if Food Network’s Alton Brown taught me one thing, it’s that “unitaskers” are never as good as multitaskers. That’s why the Under Armour Aero-Locker Sackpack is a frosh-cessity.

In addition to its sleek, breathable fabric and three words of wisdom (Protect This House) on the bottom of the bag, the Under Armour Sackpack flaunts several applications for the college student’s everyday life:

  1. Small bookbag: It’s no L.L. Bean monogrammed monster, but this baby can comfortably hold a few notebooks and paperbacks without a problem—just be wary of drawstring discomfort if you try to fit your neuro book in there too.
  2. Shoe Bag: Going to ball out? Shoes gnarlier than the New Jersey Nets? This bag keeps your shoes from smelling up your other bags without holding any stenches in its Aero-Locker fabric. A real game changer, if I do say so myself.
  3. Computer Case: Don’t tell Apple, but this bag fits laptops up to 15 inches with as much protection as that thirty dollar zipper case your “Genius” insisted you get after he restored your hard drive for the third time (I couldn’t stand parting with my 45 different remixes of “Pon de Floor”).
  4. Mop: Under Armour’s best-kept secret is that they’ve surpassed Procter & Gamble as the producer of the quilted, quicker picker upper. Several tests have proven that the bag is perfect for mopping up spills of up to 12 fluid ounces–just remember to toss it in the wash afterwards.
  5. Makeshift Pillow: Allows for just enough cushioning to fill the space between your head and the tables in Sci Li. It’s on par with a Tempur Pedic, minus the wine glass demonstration.

The standard black bag is only 15 dollars on, although I have seen it in pink and blue (unfortunately no plaid , but I hear Urban Outfitters sells this corduroy bag if you’re interested!). If you’re a freshman looking for a small bag that multitasks, you can’t go wrong with the Sackpack. If it’s too sporty, Urban is located at 285 Thayer St.

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