Dude, where’s my soy milk?

Image copyright asianfoodgrocer.comAs vegans among you may have noticed, soy milk has disappeared from Dining Services locations across campus.
BDS had been using Silk brand soy milk, but when the company stopped offering its plain soy milk in five-gallon containers, it “left many college and university food service operations scrambling to find replacements – and we’ve discovered there are far and few between,” Dining Services Dietitian Gina Guiducci wrote in an email to BlogDailyHerald.
Furthermore, she wrote, when Silk began to produce almond milk in the same facility as it produces soy milk, BDS could no longer serve it because of the risk to students with nut allergies.

Meanwhile, milk-avoiders will have to tough it out a little bit longer. Guiducci wrote:

We are currently looking to source a local and organic soy milk, but we’ve had some challenges in sourcing the product. We hope within the next few weeks to be able to offer soy milk again.

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