Seriously Columbia?

Yesterday, The Columbia Spectator, published an opinion post that compared Ivy League universities’ endowments with the GDPs of real world counties. The author obviously admitted that the comparison is “an idiotic question.”  His calculations showed that if Harvard, which has the highest endownment out of all of the Ivies, were the United States, the country with the highest GDP, then Brown’s endowment would compare to that of Australia and Singapore.

While the findings might be interesting, if we were to assign a country to Brown, we would pick Denmark – the happiest country in the world.


  1. Ethan

    Yet somehow despite the U.S.’s high GDP, quality of life in the U.S. is significantly lower than in Denmark. I think the Brown Harvard comparison works well. They have a huge endowment, but don’t come out with a significantly better education

  2. Math alum

    Please read the article again, Brown would be equivalent to Australia AND Singapore combined, not either of their GDPs.

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