Frosh-cessities: A Rounded iTunes Library

Courtesy of Apple Insider

Allow me to preface this installment of Frosh-cessities by saying that the recommendations in this post are, of course, subjective, and everybody’s allowed to have their own tastes. Anytime somebody decides to make recommendations about music there’s always an inevitable backlash that a certain band is “played out” or “old.”  To the hypothetical haters,  your iTunes may be replete with a bunch of “indie” bands with unnecessary consonant repetition in their names, or made up completely of discographies because “albums are the only way to listen to music”–but in the end, this post will still exist as a testament to suitable music for all times at college ranging from meticulously assembling problem sets to mentally preparing for FishCo. Stardust says “Music Sounds Better with You,” but I’d say Brown sounds better with music. My take on music and college, complete with personal recommendations, after the jump. 

Study Time: I always find that less is more when it comes to study music, so the volume stays reasonable and I look to the relaxing classics. Hum-along indie (e.g. The Shins, Fleet Foxes), Arcade Fire’s new album (trust Pitchfork on this one, for once) or a good dose of The Smiths always works well. Just make sure the songs are catchy, there’s nothing worse than sitting down to solve some differential equations only to end up grappling with “Dark Star” from Hampton Coliseum ’89 for 20 minutes.

Time Wasting: Always good to have a couple favorite albums to listen to when you’re perusing Wikipedia or reading what Roger Ebert thinks about I’m Still Here. For this time I have a couple classics: the Beastie Boys’ sample-laden gem, Paul’s Boutique, Sublime’s equally interesting Robbin’ the Hood and The Beach Boys’ (but really just Brian Wilson’s) magnum opus, Pet Sounds.

“Going Out” Time: I’m sure the music section on Bro Bible is awesome, but having a good set of nineties hip hop and current EDM (electronic dance music) is necessary. The exhilaration one feels while fixing his perfect blowout to “Party Up” followed by Swedish House Mafia is comparable only to a Spicy With falling from the sky like Chris Rock in Dogma.

Workout Music: I’m not sure what gets you “pumped up” (some like Eminem, others like nther), but 30 minutes of cardio four days a week feels much more manageable when you’ve got some good tunes keeping you company. Personal Favorites: 2 many dj’s, blink-182’s complete discography and NOW That’s What I Call Music 5 (where else can you hear soulDecision right next to Mystikal’s “Shake Ya Ass”?).

Impressing Friends Music: Music always tends to be a good conversation starter, and if you can impress that new acquaintance with every version of “Rock This Bitch” since Ben Folds went solo, it could blossom into a beautiful friendship. Your iTunes should never be the only way you make friends, but it’s always great to find common ground through shared interests–plus you may find the only other person on campus willing to drive back to New York to see The Bloody Beetroots at Webster Hall!

Lawn Music: Sun, greenery and A Tribe Called Quest-is there anything better? Doubt it. I’ve always found that a solid selection of nineties hip hop and catchy pop and rock tunes always makes a day on the green that much better. Just make sure you’ve got the right iPod speakers because The Low End Theory won’t be able to live up to its name on that 1 inch woofer.

So there you have it, a little guide to filling your iTunes with the right music for the right occasions. As an added bonus, when you look back in four years you will find a comprehensive digital soundtrack to every wonderful moment of your college years-thanks Apple!

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