Affleck Reveals Truth About Phoenix Documentary

Affleck and Phoenix / Chicago Sun-Times Blog

The word is out: Casey Affleck’s one year chronicle of Joaquin Phoenix’s rap career, I’m Still Here, is pure fiction. In several interviews, including one with Roger Ebert, Affleck has discussed the artifice of his directorial debut, saying “My aim was not to fool. My aim was to provoke thought and stir emotion. The enterprise was a film, not a ‘hoax.'” I’d like to challenge that last statement with the New Oxford American Dictionary, which defines “film” as “a motion picture”  and “hoax” as a “humorous or malicious deception”–so unfortunately for Affleck, the movie was funny and marketed as a nonfiction documentary and therefore it’s both a film and a hoax. For more on the movie, and a confirmation of Affleck’s douchiness (he quotes Picasso in his first response), check out Ebert’s interview on his blog.

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