Consent Day 2010

If you’re wandering around campus today and wondering why there are people wearing t-shirts that say, “CONSENSUAL SEX IS HOT 2010,” the answer is: Consent Day 2010. Consent Day was started up last year, and is run by the Sexual Assault Task Force, according to the event’s Facebook page. The page also reads:

“Want to participate in a condom water balloon throw?
How about a dildo ring toss?
Want to meet Vend-E, Brown’s safer sex vending machine?”

The entire event promotes a very important message. The Facebook page continues on to read:

“The goal of Consent Day is to diversify sexual violence education, so often framed in negative, discouraging, and disempowering terms (“no means no,” “don’t rape,” or even “don’t get raped”), by providing a fun, positive, empowering, and encouraging (“yes means yes!”) environment in which the entire Brown community can learn, ask questions, and perhaps most importantly come to realize that this is an issue we talk openly about on campus and for which there is a lot of help and support.”

So stop by the main green today between 3:00 pm and 5:00 pm to learn about consensual sex, have some fun, and maybe even get a t-shirt that says, “CONSENSUAL SEX IS HOT 2010.”

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