Cup o’ (Pro)Jo: September 27, 2010

Providence’s Smith Hill neighborhood is getting a facelift. Funding from the city, state, and federal governments are helping turn several empty houses in the historic district into affordable apartment units. A historically blue-collar neighborhood, Smith Hill was hit hard by the decline of manufacturing in Rhode Island, and many of the houses in the area were abandoned or in foreclosure.

Bedbugs are on the rise in Rhode Island. The tiny, hard-to-eradicate insects that have been terrorizing New York recently have landed in Little Rhody. Check out the article for the full, disgusting details of one California couple’s experience in a Warwick hotel, as well as information about how to prevent an infestation.

Speaking of irritating creatures, the National Organization for Marriage is suing the State of Rhode Island in federal court, arguing that it shouldn’t have to comply with campaign finance regulations aimed at Political Action Committees. The anti-gay marriage group wants to run ads in Rhode Island’s gubernatorial election this November.

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