Haters gonna hate

Courtesy of Inside Higher Ed

…So apparently we suck.  Kind of.  According to a CBS MoneyWatch report published yesterday, students who attend private colleges and state flagship universities are at an unfair advantage when it comes to grade inflation.  The author, Lynn O’Shaughnessy, singles out Brown as being one of the schools where students benefit the most from the practice of giving out As by the truckload–a fair criticism, probably.  It started to get a little personal several sentences later:

It’s hard to imagine kids trying to hard when they know everybody is going to “earn” an A.

Whoa now.  Apparently in addition to seeing us as being raunchy, liberal, and incredibly happy, the outside world (as represented by Lynn O’Shaughnessy of MoneyWatch) now thinks that we (the 6,013 undergraduates who attend Brown) are lazy.  Can we maybe just take the first three adjectives?  Thanks.


  1. Nawal

    Ms. O’Shaughnessy, at least we know the difference between “to” and “too.”

  2. sd

    ummm…the original is correct, that’s a transcription error.

  3. Anne Simons

    The source was incorrect when we published this post and when the first commenter commented. The error attracted notice on the source’s website and was subsequently corrected.

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